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Hello friends

Today I am going to share git commands. If you are going to work with git and don’t know that how play with git like to pull files from server make changes push on server etc.

Please use following steps to start with git

1. Create a folder with your project name say xyz.

2. Open git bash.

3. Run cd path:/xyz

Now you have to use following git command

4. git init

5. git remote add origin

Note:- xyz is your project url on github.

6. git pull -u origin dev

Enter your git username and then password. To work with your dev branch go to next step.

7. git branch dev

8. git checkout dev.

Now for make change use next step.

9. git add –all

10 git comming -m “your comment”

11. git pull -u origin dev

User name and password(Pull here to down latest changes otherwise it will give you error)

12. git push -u origin dev

username and password.

Now every time when you change in your code follow step 9 to 12.


Cheers 🙂


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  1. Pooja says:

    hey…. thanks… its help me a lot…. this post related to git commands really very good and helpful……. 🙂

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