How to create 2 captcha on single page.

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Today i am going to discuss that how can we give the option for two captcha on single page.  One day i was working on a project and I seen that my junior friend facing the problem with captcha. He needed to create a 2 captcha on single page for sign up  and login both.

We know that captcha is only for validating that user who fill the form is a human being or not and not an autogenrated program. And in captcha we create a image in typical format having some text and text value will stored into session and by using the user input we can match the captcha with session value that it is valid or not.

Since captcha text value stored into session and if we are using to catpcha on single page then need to store the two captcha value in 2 session variable . Its not too difficult if you are thinking but if you are based on googling then may be you can. Because if will search and download the any captcha then you will get generlly a php file which create the captcha image and session variable to store the value of captcha.

Now here you will face the problem that how will you manage the session. To handle session I have just modified a downloaded captcha accroding my need.

You can download the code from

To view the demo


Please use the script and give your review.




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