How to install laravel on wamp

Hello Guys, today I will explain how to install laravel on your wamp server. If you are not familiar about laravel then you can do googling and will found now a days laravel is best PHP framework. It is too much secure and reliable to work. Below are the step to install laravel on your wamp server

1 Install Laravel Framework in Windows *PHP version greater than 5.3.7 is required.

2 Download Laravel from:

3 Extract Laravel into the www folder for WAMP (

4 Download Composer from:

5 Enable openssl from all php.ini files.

6 Install Composer into the same directory php.exe is located.

7 Click on WAMP icon->PHP->PHP Extensions and enable: php_openssl, php_curl, php_socket.

8 Click on wamp icon->Apache->Apache Modules and enable ssl_module

9 Open cmd.

10 Change into the directory where you extracted Laravel e.g: cd C:\wamp\www\laravel.

11 Type the command: composer install.

12 Copy and paste all \public\ folder files into WAMP’s www folder.

13 Open index.php and edit both lines to include the installation .Directory .e.g: ‘/../bootstrap/autoload.php’ to ‘/laravel/bootstrap/autoload.php’.

14 Open bootstrap\paths.php and edit the line ‘public’ => __DIR__.’/../public’, to ‘public’ => __DIR__.’/../..’,

15 Installation completed.

16 Open your browser and run URL : localhost/laravel , you will be see below output.

cheers 🙂

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  1. Arvind Verma says:

    Wow … Thanks man… This blog is really helpful to install laravel. Good going buddy…
    Thanks you again. 🙂

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